Hello Dr. Mansour, Claire, Marie and Natalie,


I hope this finds you well. I miss seeing you all. I hope Dear, Claire, is doing well. I have been praying for her.  Time flies by so fast. My sweet Beau is going to be 8 years old this Thursday. Can you imagine that? I hope, Natalie, your little ones are doing well and that you are enjoying every minute of it.


The reason I put together this little page together is two fold. The bigger pictures is a very fruitful evangelization project that I need your help with. The second is a little invoice for CandlesForUnity.com which I have been hosting on my server for the past 8 years. The last bill was paid 4 or 5 years ago and that was good until the end of 2017. I touched based last with Natalie about it. Anyway, it’s 14 months unpaid with a total bill of $600 which would cover this March as well. If you just want to pay the invoice and move the site to another server you can pay it here: www.EdVizenor.com/payment/600

If you want to finish out this year then you can pay $900 here: www.EdVizenor.com/payment/900

However, I have a proposal for you, if you can help me with my request below I will offer you LIFETIME hosting, for not only Candles but also for ChristianUnityNow.com – If you want to keep it all separate that’s fine to but I still would LOVE and greatly appreciate your support for this supper duper exciting and fruitful ministry that Jesus and Mary have entrusted to me.

So here is how I need your help. I want to invite you to join me in evangelizing hundreds of thousands/MILLIONS of souls all over the world, by helping me with some seed money, a 3 to 5K GIFT, to support the work I do for Jesus and Mary.   

Hundreds of thousands or MILLIONS is not at all an exaggeration. This is not something that I hope will happen.  IT HAS HAPPENED ALREADY! (Links & examples Below) This work, touchings millions will continue, if and only if I keep on making these videos… but the truth is.. IT CAN NOT CONTINUE… IT WILL FAIL or OR BE VERY DELAYED…  if I don’t get the support I need.

It has been a great honor and blessing to meet your family and work on projects with Claire over the years. She has always had such a passion to touch lives with the love of Jesus and Mary. So much good work done, yet so much work still to do. Who is doing it?  Very few in comparison. Very Very few.  So much has changed in just 8 years. Homosexual Marriages allowed, Horrific Scandals and Corruption in the leaders of the Church. Time is not on our side. Even if we only had 100 years to live that would not be much time because eternal souls are on the line, that Mary herself said… “souls are falling into hell like snowflakes”.  What a horrifying thought. Who can understand or grasp this without dying of sadness? We could not endure such a thing and so God does not allow us to carry the full weight of what this means. With the strong possibility of nuclear war, and of all the nations embracing homosexual ideologies, abortion and the rampant destruction of families, the corruption in the highest ranks of the Catholic Church, yes, we don’t have much time and this is all very very urgent.

The good news is, Grace is on our side. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. The filthy wretchedness is only allowing God to flood His grace into the world like never before. It’s there in the greatest abundance, for those who want it, who respond.


I would love it and am highly highly asking you to help me please, because of the urgency, the need and because of the unique fruits this work is showing already.  However, before I will explain what your gift would specifically help me do, I will share some of the fruits as of recent, so you will see that this is not “just an idea” of what could be. This is a reality… that needs to continue. 






Just last week I made a video of Father Calloway telling a miracle of the Rosary. It was moving and I knew it had to be shared. So I took it and doctored it up a bit and added music. The original clip got about 300K views in 3 years. The one edited and spiced up got nearly 900K in a week and a half. That’s not normal results.  Here is the video:


Fr. Calloway tells a most powerful miracle of the Rosary. DON’T MISS THIS 2 MINUTE CLIP. Worth your time! Trust me! 🙂

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Last year I made two prayer videos. They went mega viral and were shared on several Facebook pages. One video alone got over 4.8 MILLION views.  Together they have like close to 8 to 10 Million.

Novena to Infant Jesus of Prague in URGENT NEED

Novena to Infant Jesus of Prague in URGENT NEED
~ SHARE in honor of Baby Jesus!

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Today someone shared the video I made with me, not knowing I made it. Well I check the page that shared it, again another 55K views on a page that I didn’t even know shared it. Later I checked their videos. They shared a little song I uploaded about Jesus. It has 25K shares and over 406K views.



These are just a few of the many videos that are taken off. Recently I have been granted special access to be an admin over THE BIGGEST Catholic pages on Facebook. Over 8 million followers. It’s a huge blessing. They want me to make more videos. They are begging me. They want me to do LIVE ROSARIES..  This takes time, and this is why I need your help. Your gift will help me get this rolling. But it won’t fund me for that long, so with it I am also going to build… The Mama Mary Club.


The Mama Mary Club


In short I am going to build a little system to get fans/friends to support my mission by contributing a monthly amount. From $4.99 to $250 or more a month. Most will do the small amount. If I can get about 200 people to support me at the lowest tier then that will give me some solid footing. I know I can do it, but it will take time… but I can’t take that time because I am always stuck doing little projects that are paying the bills but not pushing me a head to work on this great treasure that has been handed to me. I need a little cushion to spend some time to build my platform. You can help make The Mama Mary Club a reality.


Mama Mary Club Mission


To utilize the most modern tools of technology to promote a greater love of Jesus all over the world, all through the most fruitful leadership and guidance of Mama Mary.


P.S. I kinda wrote the mission statement with non Catholics in mind, tho I won’t be reaching out to them, nevertheless, many will see it and I want them to know that True Devotion to Mary is all about True Devotion to Jesus. All leads to Jesus!


I won’t spend to much time on how all of this will work. If you have questions you can ask me more about my plan and levels and benefits given to those who are club members etc..


This club idea started because I wanted to get help funding some of the medals I have been giving away and to not have to spend so much of my personal money. I wanted to invite others to join. For example since 1998 I bought and have given out over 33K Miraculous medals. I want to give them out more and to even make training videos on how to give them out and why. My and my son give them out all the time. But they are more expensive now, plus I have been buying nicer ones and with chains to give out with them. I noticed with chains, most if not all, put them on right away on the spot. It’s awesome. They love it.  


Also need help with this; not long ago I bought PrayTheRosary.com for $1,200 and I don’t keep track but one year I looked and I see I spent nearly $800 of my own money one year on promoting the Rosary alone in ads. No intention of promoting a product to make money… just promoting Jesus and Mary with $20 ads here, $50 ads there. I needed help giving out medals and so the Mama Mary Club developed out of this. Then I thought about taking it further than funding medals. Why not ask for help funding all the work I do and show the amazing and unique success my work is having.


Mama Mary Club Projects


I won’t go into the details of all of these. Again, if you want to know more about any just ask.

  • Give Out Free Miraculous Medals / Chains
    • Printed Materials
    • Mailing Medals
    • Training Videos
  • Making more Inspirational Videos; The kind that reaches millions
  • Promote the Rosary: Ads/Images/videos
  • Facebook Image Maker: Makes profile image Catholic with press of button
  • Novena Reminder: using smartphones to help people finish novena’s with awesome reminders.
  • Rosary App: To develop the best Rosary App in the world. All other apps in the future will follow this model. It’s genius.
  • Kids Audio Stories: Monthly I will be using my voices to tell stories for kids that teach the faith. Sound effects and songs. All supporters of the Mama Mary Club will get access.

Below are examples of the sounds I can use and some video effects of a character I made. They are just examples to show you some potential for these audio stories for kids.


The kids stories are so needed. We just don’t have much for kids in the Church. That could be the biggest of all these if done right. Tons and tons of work. But I am ready. I need your help badly to get going, but I am ready. I have been meaning to write you for well over a month.


P.S. Natalie, please show your kids these last two. See if you get any smiles. 🙂 This is so needed in the Church to teach the faith. The Mama Mary Club will be it’s beginning.


Thanks to the Mansour Family


As a very small thanks for helping me get this going, I would like to offer a Novena of Masses for you. Also, if you, or one of you would like I can set up a phone call with you and someone you may want to speak with just to get advice or ask questions. I can set up a call with you  and one of these people if you want. Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Tim Staples, Terry Barber, founder of St Joseph Communications, Jesse Romerro, Hispanic on Fire Catholic Evangelist. Fr. Colloway, An Excercist Fr. Chad Ripperger (tho he is not easy to reach) Raymond Arroyo, Drew Mariani, Relevant Radio’s biggest host. Dr. Mark Miravalle, professor who met with several Popes, working toward the 5th Marian Dogma. ~ These are all people I speak with regularly or have a strong connection with and I thought maybe you might like to pick their brain for a while or just talk with them on a one on one personal conversation. All of these people are also willing and ready to promote what I make. How amazing is that? I just need the proper support and the Mama Mary Club can help give me that consistently and your help can help me get all this going.



Remember, if you feel called to help, with this you will also be fulfilling one of the promises of Mary in the 15 promises of the Rosary. Mary offers special promises. Here is #12


All those who propagate the Holy Rosary shall be aided by me in their necessities.


You will without a doubt be promoting the Rosary on a World Wide Scale, with the fruits reaching into the millions. Also, Mary wanted everyone in the world to have a Miraculous Medal. Surly she will reward greatly anyone who helps fulfill her heart’s desires. One can not be outdone in generosity when giving to Mary. Jesus will reward beyond our wildest dreams… and with benefits that will be eternal. Wow! Talk about in investment in Eternity!


Well today is it; the day of battle. The Day we MARCH FOURTH. 🙂 Let’s do this!

Mama Mary, I have entrusted this to you. With you as my mother, teacher and guide I will not be misled.  All is in your hands now.


God Bless you, Dear Mansour family. Thank you for being such a blessing to me over the years. 🙂


In the Merciful Heart of Jesus and Mary,
Edward Mary John Vizenor


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