I will try to make this as short and sweet as possible. I want to start a non-profit called Be The Light. Here is the mission:Ā BE THE LIGHT creates and distributes content to educate and inspire people to be the best they can be.Ā 

Bellow is a quick summary of some types of projects this will fund.

  • ProducingĀ the bestĀ ROSARY APPĀ the world has ever seen ( Revolutionary)Ā 
  • DEVOTIONAL VIDEOSĀ (Nearly 5 million souls already touched)
  • Promoting The RosaryĀ and Catholic Faith on PrayTheRosary.comĀ 

I have wanted start a non-profitĀ  for some time, but it's so much work and time keeps slipping by so fast. However, what really motivated me was THE MIRACULOUS MEDAL. I have been giving these out for FREE for over a decade now. I have given out over 30 Thousand since 1998. This gets to be very expensive, so I need to ask for help, to offer others a chance to pitch in and help with the cost. I thought 'It would be so nice if they could get a tax break for their gift?'Ā Ā and so this put me over the edge. Ok, I am going to do it. With Mary, For Mary. To Jesus Through Mary.

Did you know that Mary, when she gave the medal to St. Catherine, wanted EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to have a medal? Yes, Mary, the Mother of God wants this. Umm, I think we are a bit behind with helping her with this mission. We have to start somewhere tho and that, I believe, is what BE THE LIGHT can help with.

It's awesome to think about; when we give out Miraculous Medals or help fund those who give them out, we are helping fulfill Mary's desire. I can only imagine how Happy Mary is for those who help her towards her goal. As a loving mother, we know she will reward those who help beyond what we could dream of asking for.

I actually have a dream about giving away 1 million medals in the Diocese of Los Angeles. That will require mega funds and planning, so I want tackle that one just yet. But in order to do this most effectively and to be able to raise larger amounts of money I will need to establish a non-profit.

This is where I need your help.

Novena to Infant Jesus of Prague in URGENT NEED

Novena to Infant Jesus of Prague in URGENT NEED ~ SHARE in honor of Baby Jesus!

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena

POWERFUL POWERFUL Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena. Saint Padre Pio prayed this daily. Takes only 4 minutes for a treasure of graces for you life!

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