What is about the befall the world? Are you ready? Are your family and loved ones ready? But how can we be ready if we are banned from hearing the fullness of message? Sadly, we know social media networks do not approve of some of our Catholic teachings. We can no longer openly talk about the fullness of what our Catholic Faith teaches without being banned from these networks.

However, we have a work around. We can show you some of our new series "The Days of Elijah and the Coming Triumph. We have posted the "Social Media Safe" content openly to lead you to this site, where you can get access to the content we can not post. The rest of the episodes we will send you in an email as they are released. In short, we will do what we have to do in this world to allow the fullness of God's word to be preached to all Nations, but we need your help. Will you help us reach more souls with the fullness of God's word?

We ask you then to please sign up with your email below so we can send you the full episodes. We invite you do dive into this amazing educational and informational series. We believe you will be inspired and will start preparing like never before. God Bless you.

Elijah Emails

🔥 The Coming Triumph ~ Are you ready?

🔥 WATCH THIS! Powerful New Series for Christians. Is God going to intervene in the world soon? Are you really ready? Facebook will not allow us to post all of our content here because of the serious topics discussed. Watch the entire series for FREE here: https://rosary.care/3OdoQJJ

Posted by Pray The Rosary - Praytherosary.com on Saturday, July 2, 2022