Introducing... Rosary LIVE Telegram

Want to be NOTIFIED when we Pray The Rosary LIVE?

We have a new notification system for The Rosary Family! Rosary LIVE will still be on Facebook, however, we will be using the Telegram app for NOTIFICATIONS, and we are "consecrating" it too (more on that below). So now, in as little as few seconds after Rosary LIVE starts, through the power of some Catholic coding, your phone will notify you we are live, and then you are only a few clicks away from praying LIVE... with your Rosary family. 

The Re-Pray

Missed the LIVE? No problem. On the Telegram Feed you can easily find the replay, or as we have dubbed it... the "Re-Pray". Just Look for the Date at the top of each post then click the link for that day.

Help Installing

IMPORTANT: Once you install Telegram you will have to come to this page and click the "Rosary Live Channel" Big yellow button at the top of this page. Then you will be asked to open in the Telegram App. Do that then click the JOIN button at the bottom of our page. You can also search @RosaryLive in Telegram buy you may find the wrong group, so I think coming back here will be the best. Soon I will have video tutorials to help you install but it's not too hard. You can download the app using the links below.


Why use Telegram?

Facebook is not reliable. Often it won't even notify followers at all. Sometimes it suppresses us and other times people have SO MANY notifications that the Rosary LIVE notification does not rank high for Facebook to put it as a priority for you. Telegram will be simple, clean and SET A PART! Consecrated! (keep reading why below)