IMMEDIATE NEED: We can no longer STREAM AS USUAL. Our high-speed internet is down because we are past due and a payment of $192.26 is needed now to continue the high quality live streams reaching hundreds of thousands with each video. We have a higher internet bill because this expense is needed in order to reach the most amount of people with the highest quality. IF YOU WOULD LIKE to give to this immediate need and get our LIVE STREAMS going again, please use this link:


You can click at the bottom to change the amount. This immediate gift will not be tax deductible because going through the non-profit takes days in order to get the funds. I WILL REMOVE THIS IMMEDIATE NEED note once we reach the goal and the service is restored. If everyone pitches in, even a little, this will get done faster. If you still see this up then we have not reached our goal.

Thank you for your time. I am going to try and keep this super short, but hopefully I can help you to see how your donation is so needed and what it will help to achieve through Be The Light Media.

To be honest, one of things I despise the most is asking for help, especially for financial help. So I never do it... and guess what? In someway it ends up putting a roadblock in the work of touching souls. So for the sake of the mission, this is what I have to do. I apologize because I have not quite figured out the best way to do this yet. I am new at it, and maybe that's why so few people give because I don't convey the mission/vision or need well enough. So I am giving this heartfelt and hopefully quick summary of the needs and mission.


The numbers of people reached is mind blowing. You might think well "But every ministry is reaching mind blowing numbers online right?" No, not at all and not even close. In fact, if you can find one ministry that is reaching even 1/10th of the numbers we have reached and are reaching then I will start donating to them monthly. 🙂 OK, the donating monthly part is a hyperbole, but hopefully the point is made. Each LIVE STEAM video, run twice a day, is getting 200K to 500K pluse views. The numbers are phenomenal.

FOR EXAMPLE: One video alone last week got 1.6 MILLION views and over 4.2 MILLION minutes of watch time. That totals over 7 YEARS of prayer.


Reaching all these people must be reaching donors right? Sadly, no. People often assume someone else will just help out. But what if God is calling you to give, and not someone else? People tell me all the time how the things we are making are touching their lives… but as of right now, despite many pleas to large numbers of people, a small small number of people are giving small amounts. The monthly giving doesn't even cover the MONTHLY internet bill. Now add to that the money in fees for the legal work to start the nonprofit which doesn’t include the many hours of my time donated weekly; we are very much in the hole as of now. I am hopeful that this will change soon. I think it will, thanks to YOUR HELP. Yes, not someone else, but YOU. 🙂


Yes, for your sake, I hope you don't have the money to give. Why? Because from a spiritual point of view, there will be greater grace for you when you give when it hurts, rather than if you gave from a surplus or a place of security. And the truth is that sometimes we do have the money, but we are not just allocating it in the best. Maybe we need to give up that extra cup of coffee. Who knows, maybe we are called to give up a month's subscription to our non-essential online movies and give this money to God's work. The truth is God blesses us from the amount of LOVE given in our gift. When a person gives out of faith, especially when one does not have much, that takes great love, and with that comes a greater reward from God.

The world right now is going through insecure times. But now more then ever the world needs to turn back to God, so we can't stop giving to the work of reaching souls in a time of insecurity. We have to keep going. This means we must not stop giving, even during unstable times. God will reward souls with far more grace and will even bless them financially often times with far more than what they gave in times of need. Doors will just open. There are just so many stories like this. People had little to nothing and they gave in faith to a godly mission and BOOM... their financial income exploded later. The point is, you will NEVER out do God in generosity. Especially when you give till it hurts, then the blessings start to flow... BIG TIME!


A “Torchbearer” is a monthly supporter of BE THE LIGHT MEDIA. Monthly supporters ARE NEEDED THE MOST because it ensures our ability to keep going at the fastest pace. When we have monthly supporters we don't have to do emergency pleas each month for one time donations. This tends to BE A LOT OF WORK, and then it means LESS TIME working on the media that is actually touching souls. Or we have to find other means of paying bills, which means taking on other work. Consequently what could be done in a day may take a week or more because time must be spent making ends meet. With no Torchbearers, it would put our mission in SUPER SLOW MOTION and far less people would be reached.

With all this in mind... from your surplus or lack of, will you please take a leap of faith, and be a part of the sacrifice involved to help us continue reaching souls with a much needed message . PRAYER CHANGES THE WORLD and this work is getting to pray. Help us Be The Light... please say YES to being a Torchbearer today....