TRUE STORY: He was going to kill her… but she had a ROSARY!


My friends, this has to be one of the TOP TEN most powerful ROSARY stories in our lifetime, well at least that I have heard anyway. Father Calloway tells it with passion! It’s a super short 2 minute story, but super powerful! It’s so worth watching this video… and sharing for the love of Our Lady. The Rosary can change any situation. Make a resolution to make it a part of your daily life! P.S. Our Lady loves you so much!

He was going to kill her… but she had a ROSARY!

~ ~ Fr. Calloway tells a most powerful miracle of the Rosary.

Posted by Pray The Rosary – on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

P.S. Would you like to have the Rosary below IN YOUR HAND? Over the 25 plus years I have used Rosaries, this one is my personal favorite.

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