Nonprofit Announcement

I am finally doing it. I have felt the call to do this for so long and many friends have prompted me for a while now. However, you know how life is... busy busy busy. One thing after another and all our big plans just often get pushed to the side for the "perfect moment" when we have all the time in the world. Well that will never happen. Sometimes you have to take the leap of faith. I am doing it. However, I am not going to give you the full details here. If you want to know I am asking you to sign up on this email list I created, on the fly.

Why an email list and not just the full details?  I am not quite ready to PERFECTLY compose my plan yet and make all the fine details public... but I wanted to make this announcement on Divine Mercy Sunday and consecrate this work to the Divine Mercy and to the Mother of God and jump into this mission with a big... JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. 🙂

Anyway, I think you will like to hear what I will have to say.  So sign up if you want to know. I will only send one or two emails to this list and never use it again. I give you my word. I don't want you to feel that you are going to get tons of unwanted emails etc.. If you want to sign up for other email updates I will send a link on my email. In short, you won't get spammed or overloaded. Just some exciting plans of how MILLIONS and MILLIONS of souls will be reached through this work. Yes, MILLIONS. You will see. 🙂

Pray for me please and this mission... and SIGN UP ON THE FORM BELOW... if you want the scoop. Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! ~ Jesus I Trust In You!

Roses For Mary