Super Special Surprise ~ Book of the Month

Oh the Catholic Joy in our Rosary Family! Now a "Super Special Surprise" for your soul is waiting for you!  Starting mid November, during each Rosary LIVE we will be reading short quotes and thoughts from a book of the month. 

What Book?

Well that's the  "Super Special Surprise"!!! You get to find out when it comes to your house, that is, if you choose to order. P.S. Don't forget to keep it a surprise for everyone. That's part of the fun of it. 

Whenever I step into Catholic bookstores, I often think, if this book inspires me to say even one extra prayer with greater devotion or love, who can put a price on that? It will truly have an infinite impact. Money comes and goes, but holiness lasts forever and this is something I want to invest in. 

The Book of The Month, will surely help us pray the Rosary better and to grow in love,  wisdom and grace. Why else are we here? 

Are you looking for a "Super Special Surprise" in your prayer life? Well I think you know what to do. 

Roses For Mary