Rosary LIVE ~ #RosaryLiveLent

#RosaryLiveLent ~ 40 Days of Amazing Graces

Are you ready for a big change in your life for the better? Are you ready for a change that will have a positive impact, not just on your life now, but on your ETERNITY? If YES, then please JOIN US in our Rosary Live Lent Challenge.

What is #RosaryLiveLent?

Rosary Live Lent is making a commitment to becoming a better version of you by Praying The Rosary Every Day, and doing it specifically with The Rosary Family at for the 40 Days of LENT.

Where Can I Find The Rosary Family?

You can find The Rosary Family LIVE streams on Facebook and on YouTube.

Do I Have To Pray LIVE Everyday?

No, you don't have to pray with us while we are LIVE, however, we ask when you can't not make it LIVE that you find the "RePray" (The Replay) and come back later and pray that days Rosary with us, even though it won't be live.

Can I Pray It Alone or with Other Rosary groups?

The Rosary Live Lent challenge is a specific one. This challenge invites you to not pray it alone or with other little Rosary groups. If we become a "Rosary Hopper", a person who bounces from one Rosary group to to another, then it can lead to a lack of unity and can be dishearten to the community as a whole. We are calling for unity, oneness and powerful Rosaries together. This challenge calls for unity because of the power in praying with commitment in larger numbers. Also, can you imagine what would happen if everyone prays the Rosary alone or in another group? We simply would not be a Rosary Family and the lack of the prayerful presence of souls would impact our community.

The Rosary Live Lent challenge asks you commit to joining us LIVE every day or catch the RePray. Also so we can see and hear each others comments and prayer requests, every day for 40 days, and truly be one in prayer as a connected Rosary Family. Remember, there is MORE POWER IN OUR PRAYER when we pray together as one, as apposed to praying it alone or when we are divided between many little Rosary groups. We want to be a massive force of good in the world in unity, together, not divided. AMEN!

Where Can I Find The Rosary Family?

You can find The Rosary Family LIVE streams on Facebook and on YouTube.

What Time Is The Rosary LIVE?

Rosary starts between 6:30 PM PST and 7:00 PM PST ~ We try hard to start as close as possible to 6:30 but it's not always possible. The Rosary lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour because we interact and read prayer requests LIVE. On Wednesdays we pray the whole Rosary: Joyful, Sorrowful & Glorious and this lasts a little over an hour.

Commitment Is Good For The Soul

Get ready for Amazing Graces this LENT, because when we make commitments and have a Rosary Family who is united with you in prayer... amazing things will happen in your soul and the souls of all who join us. Come and See!

Roses For Mary