Nuclear Novena ~ 54 Days of Prayer For Peace

For All Who Believe in God

If you believe in God and desire peace in your life and in the world, then we begging you to join with us in this worldwide time of prayer, asking God for peace, but specifically that He would spare us from nuclear war, for the Fatima film and your personal intention.

All of us, praying together... PRAYER WORKS! Especially when we pray together as one and at the same time. Will you pray with us?

We are all praying for 54 days, beginning on Nov 1st and ending on Dec 25th. Even if you didn't start from the beginning with us, we encourage you, to start now. No matter what faith you are we invite you to join with us each day for 54 days, begging God to have mercy on us and on the whole world, to spare us of from Nuclear War and to help us find peace.

Why a "Nuclear Novena"?

The real title of the novena is called 'The Miraculous 54 Day Rosary Novena', but because we are encouraging all faiths to join with us in prayer and because of our major intention to specifically ask God to spare us of from Nuclear War, and because Nuclear describes something that has to do with the nucleus — the central part — of an atom, so too the central core of who we are is found in God and in the explosive power of prayer to change the world for the better, we just decided to give it a catchy name for this time of prayer.

For Catholics

If you are Catholic, we ask you to join us in The Miraculous 54 Day Rosary Novena. (See formula given by Mary herself below) We will be using these prayers and praying the Rosary LIVE each day and we really encourage you to join with The Rosary Family in our Rosary LIVE that we pray each day. If you can't make it LIVE, we encourage you to come back and do the "Re-Pray" (replay) so we can all pray as one as much as possible to help make this time of prayer more powerful and efficacious.

Rosary LIVE began February 11th, 2014 by Ed Vizenor and in March of 2020 when the lockdown began we started praying LIVE... Every Day.... and have not stopped nearly 4 years later. We still "Pray The Rosary Every Day" LIVE and we highly encourage you to join with us daily, during this 54 Days of Prayer for Peace, either LIVE or doing the "Re-Pray".

Will you make a commitment? Will you increase the power and efficacy of our intentions in this novena by joining with us each day? Even if you are staring late, will you still join with us in our daily prayer for peace?

History of Rosary Novena

On March 3, 1884 (in the same year Pope Leo XIII wrote the prayer to St. Michael, and exactly 33 years before the Fatima apparitions), a young girl named Fortuna Agrelli was graced with an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary and given this special devotion which she passed onto others.

At the time, young Fortuna was ill with 3 separate incurable diseases and her doctors had given up on her case saying it was hopeless. In desperation, the young girl and her family began a novena of Rosaries.

Our Lady appeared to the girl, sitting upon a high throne, surrounded by luminous figures, holding the Divine Child on Her lap, and in Her hand a Rosary.

The sick girl greeted the Blessed Virgin with the following words: ‘Queen of the Holy Rosary’, be gracious to me, restore me to health! I have already prayed to Thee in a novena, O Mary, but have not yet experienced Thy aid. I am so anxious to be cured!”

“Child,” responded the Blessed Virgin, “you have invoked Me by various titles and have always obtained favors from Me. Now, since you have called Me by that title so pleasing to Me, “Queen of the Most Holy Rosary”, I can no longer refuse the favor you petition; for this name is most precious and dear
to Me. Make three novenas, and you shall obtain all.”

Once more, the Queen of the Holy Rosary appeared to the young girl and said, “Whoever desires to obtain favors from Me should make three novenas of the prayers of the Rosary, and three novenas in thanksgiving.”

Obeying Our Lady’s instructions, the young girl was healed
and restored to perfect health.

The Miraculous 54-Day Rosary Novena

Traditionally a novena is nine days. Thus, Our Lady’s words to young Fortuna — make three novenas of the prayers of the Rosary in petition, and three novenas in thanksgiving.

The novena consists of five decades of the Rosary (one set of mysteries) each day for twenty-seven days in petition; then immediately five decades each day for an additional twenty-seven days in thanksgiving, regardless of whether or not the request has been granted yet.

So began six novenas of Rosaries — which became known as the 54-day Rosary Novena.

To do the novena properly, one must pray the Rosary for
54 consecutive days, without missing a day, and must pray
the particular Mystery indicated for that day following the correct sequence.

That is, the first day of the novena always begins with the Joyful Mysteries (regardless of what day of the week the novena is started); the second day, the Sorrowful Mysteries are prayed; and the third day of the novena, the Glorious Mysteries are prayed.

The fourth day of the novena begins again with the Joyful Mysteries and continues on in that sequence throughout the 54 days of the novena (see chart below).

People have asked over time about the Luminous Mysteries — this novena was given by Our Lady as noted above in 1884 and only allows for the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.

How To Pray It

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Don't feel overwhelmed. God wants you to trust Him and be at peace. Remember when God offered to save Sodom and Gomorrah from destruction from Fire from the sky? He was willing to spare it if He could find only 10 faithful souls. Sadly, He could not and it was destroyed by fire. We are asking God to save us today. Will He find even 10 faithful souls who are praying this 54 days? Will you be one of them?

We will guide you through the prayers each day. Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW our page. Also you can grow in friendship with others who share the same values as you. Join us. We are... The Rosary Family.

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