The "Flying" Saint? ~ St. Joseph of Curpertino

Prayer to St. Jospeh

St. Joseph of Cupertino, you who loved Mary, The Mother of God so much, that this love overflowed into your body, thus allowing you to "rise above the things of this earth" and levitate or float in the air just by thinking of Mary, or her son Jesus. This is how you became known as "The Flying Saint."

Truly as St. Augustine says "Our Love is our weight." you then Oh St. Joseph of Cupertino, did not allow the love of the things of this world weigh you down, rather your heart and mind was fixed on the things of heaven, so much so that God granted you the gift of levitation.

Pray for us, that we too, might love God as you did. We are not asking for the gift of levitation, but only to Love God and His Mother Mary, with that simple and childlike love you had for them. Obtain for us, we who implore you on your feast day, a great and magnificent increase of HOLY LOVE in our souls.

We ask this in the name of Christ Our Lord, and though the intercession of His Most Holy Mother Mary. Amen.

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