SOMEDAY you will believe in Purgatory

SOMEDAY you will believe in purgatory, that is, if you don't already at this moment. The souls in purgatory, who didn't believe before, do now. They now know of the painful purification of the fire of purgatory. They need your prayers. If you have a loved one, or someone you know, that has left this world, the most loving thing you can ever do for them is to pray for them. To think of them, miss them and remember them often is beautiful and normal, but these things do nothing to help them. Only your prayers and sacrifices for them will help them get out of purgatory.

Today, November 2nd, is ALL SOULS DAY. It's the day we especially remember the souls in purgatory who need our prayers. At the VERY LEAST, even if you don't believe in purgatory, but you still pray for them, AT THE VERY LEAST you are praying, and prayer is always good. But IF PURGATORY IS REAL, and it is, then your prayers will truly be helping that person get to heaven faster. You have nothing to lose by praying and everything to gain. Be assured, they will forever remember your acts of love for them as you helped speed their journey to heaven.

People often say "Do not Judge", yet why is it that after someone dies we often say... "Well, they are in a better place now." That's judging. We often JUDGE they automatically go to heaven after they die. God alone is the judge and knows their heart and the secrets of their life. We CAN NOT JUDGE they are in heaven after they die. We can only HOPE and PRAY for them.

Your prayers for them today, and always if you continue, will certainly be a benefit for, not only the souls in purgatory, but also for your own life, and will even diminish the time you yourself may need to spend in purgatory someday. Prayer is powerful. It works... and is always good. Well then... LET US PRAY.


Roses For Mary